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From Liberty To Piaff

Do You Search For An Alternative Path?

Maybe you are looking for a passionate and harmonious way of working with horses without coercion and consequences.

Maybe you wish you had a better relationship with your horse.

Maybe the joy has turned into frustration.

Maybe you get advice from professional trainers that doesn´t feel good to you.

Maybe you have a scared horse with bad experiences in the past or a dominant horse that frightens you.

The question is: Do you believe in yourself?

Become The HorseMan Your Horse Needs

What If

What if… there is another way?

A way where you can break through barriers, resistance, fear, frustration and challenges and make your dreams come through.

What if your horse could help you find your true nature and become the horseman you were born to be?

f you could communicate with your horse free in the horse's language and on the horse's terms completely in harmony? A way that transforms you and your horse on a path to Mastery?

If you, the student, can take care of your own learning and your own horse's practical education. Which gives you the opportunity to be your own coach and student to the horse, which creates harmony and togetherness…

A way that strengthens YOU and makes you approach the horse in an authentic way from a relationship-based culture that honors the horse as a being and teacher.

Dancing with horses academy


Imagine the FEELING of a relationship you have always dreamed of. 

From books and movies. The black stallion…

Föreställ dig djupet av din relation med din häst när du finner en väg till sammankoppling och kommunikation som din häst förstår och gläds av. Lär dig hur lätt du får en häst som är tillitsfull och helt sammankopplad till Dig.

Learn To Master Yourself And The Language of Horses

Uppnå Självförtroende. Uppnå Kunskap. Uppnå Connection.

Du kan lära dig förstå din häst och låta den leda dig till en djupare kontakt och trygghet för en relation i harmoni. Du kan lära dig ett unique and revolutionary approach that starts the horse free in a completely relationship-based Connection through horses' free will, natural herd rituals, communication systems and instincts.

Something that goes beyond Horsemanship and training. A two-way conversation that leads to a true partnership.


New Courses

Stop Training - Start Connecting

Training a horse is not a good strategy for a relationship in harmony. Start connecting with your horse on a deep level and you will receive Liberty as a gift from the horse. Communicate through Spirit, Mind & Body to balance and well-being.

Learn to communicate through the heart, build understanding and trust and guide the horse in a way that honors him as a partner in the education process, without ropes, halters, whips or restraints.

An approach that lets the horse be the teacher and you the listener. When you begin your relationship with the horse on his terms, by listening to the horse and learning his language, every expression matters.

When you focus on the relationship, the performance comes magically. You have created a horse that wants to follow your lead because of the deep connection you have built with the horse.

We all want a willing partner and dreaming of achieving ´the Centaur´Connection with our horse so we can do amazing things together… We can train a horse to do what we want, but if it is done with coercion, consequences or bribes, is the horse really a willing partner? Is the relationship genuine? 

By seeing the horse and our relationship with him in this light, our actions become completely transformed because the horse is not treated as an object of manipulation and control.

This program will teach you The Language of Horses - the rituals that horses practice when they interact with each other, so that you can communicate naturally, authentically, easily and effortlessly completely at Liberty.

You Will Learn:

  • How to develop a relationship in harmony without problems.
  • How to develop interconnection and a deep bond with your horse.
  • How to develop mutual trust and respect, willingness and focus in your horse by understanding horses' natural instincts.
  • How to get the horse to understand your guidance through Connection, Energy and Body Language.
  • How to communicate through the Code of Conduct that is natural for horses.
  • How to develop courtesy and respect for your and the horse's personal space.
  • The secret to building a dream relationship where YOU are the only motivation the horse needs.
  • How to get a connection where the horse performs with complete enthusiasm without tack or treats.
  • How to consciously educate the horse to balance at Liberty.
  • How to go from Liberty Connection in balance to school the horse to a well-balanced riding horse for the horse's well-being in harmony from an ancient relationship-based culture.

From Connection...

The foundation is that the horse's schooling starts with the horse free from the beginning where you build a deep bond towards your dream relationship and the magical dance with horses.

This foundation is based on the horse's freedom of choice and natural herd rituals and instincts and you will learn to master the Language of Horses. This is done without the use of tack, treats, clicker, roundpens, pressure or force. Instead, we use Connection, Energy and Body Language to communicate with the horse in a natural and genuine way.

Starting the horse free not only goes faster and is much more efficient than starting a horse with tack and traditional pressure-release methods. When we focus on the relationship first, the performance comes magically from the horse as a gift.

Relationship based Art of Riding

...Till Collection


When the foundation is made with the horse at Liberty all the way to balance and collection, the horse is now ready for Work In Hand to prepare the horse to a balanced riding horse. This is where tack and equipment comes into the picture. A lasso, cordeo and a cavesson are used for Work In Hand, just as Liberty continues to advanced level. Because the horse's foundation was started at Liberty, the horse does not feel limited, controlled or manipulated and you will always have "The Liberty Mindset".

Since the horse is started at Liberty without tack or tools, we are not dependent on them but use them instead of fine communication in the further schooling in the classical, relationship based art of riding from ancient times, with my concept The Art of Lightness - feeling of touch.

Take The Foundation To Relationship based Art Of Riding

Go on to schooling your horse into a well-balanced riding horse. Relationship based Art of Riding, originates from an ancient work where the handling methods used were from relationship based cultures. These caring cultures gave rise to a concept of beauty, symmetry and divine interconnection that was Pythagoras' philosophy that led to the creation of the doctrine that would become classical equestrian art.

The relationship with the horse is the core of riding with the mind, feeling and lightness. A schooling of the horse through a holistic way of working to achieve unity and understanding from the original holistic view from ancient times.

The ancient understanding, first described as far back as by Xenophon, offers the inspiration and origin of what came to be called classical horsemanship, academic riding and classical equestrian art, but this goes much deeper.





Starta hästen fri i Truly Liberty Connection och lär dig Flockritualerna – Hästarnas språk från Connection till Collection. Bygg en djup förbindelse och din drömrelation med hästen fri i harmoni utan utrustning, tvång, tryck, konsekvenser eller mutor i en öppen miljö till den magiska dansen.

Gymnastiska övningar i de klassiska skolorna som Öppna, Sluta, Förvänd Sluta, Halfpass, Piruett, Piaff  Vid Hand i rakhet och balans med Lasso, Cordeo och Cavesson med The Art of Lightness – feeling of touch, som förberedelse för en rakriktad och välbalanserad ridhäst.

Ridkonst från sitsen bettlöst med hängande tygel. Gymnastiserande övningar för en starkare ridhäst i självbärighet och hälsosam balans mellan själ och kropp. Endast lättaste hjälper av beröring utan förstärkning – The Art of Lightness – feeling of touch. Bettlöst & Bridleless.

Don´t Become A Horse Trainer - Become A HorseMan

Dancing with horses academy

A HorseMan does not train a horse to submit to pressure or train the horse to do what man wants.

En Horseman kommunicerar med hästen på hästens villkor, på dess eget språk.

A HorseMan listens to the horse and sees things from the horse's point of view. A Horseman does not insist, he assists.

A Horseman works according to the horse's nature and takes the horse to balance in all areas - Spirit, Mind and Body.

Are you listening?

Truly Liberty Connection is to communicate with horses without tack in a free environment where the horse has the freedom to choose his response and is free to express himself without consequences. The secret to a deep relationship is to allow the horse to leave you and escape your influence whenever it feels uncomfortable. It produces a horse that wants to connect with you. It is based on interactions with wild horses and the true nature of horses.

Are You Present?

Discover the joy and beauty of connecting and communicating with horses at Liberty and on their own terms. All riders benefit from creating an amazing relationship with their horse based on the principles of the Herd Rituals in Connection to Collection, a working bond and an enriching life together!

Make A Difference For You And Your Horse

Wherever you are in the world, whatever horse you have - size, age, whatever discipline you practice - discover how Liberty Connection and Relationship based Art of Riding can make a lasting change for you and your horse.

Create the results You´re looking for and make progress at your own pace with the coaching You need on your journey with Your horse.

Online courses, coaching, Q&A and Events guide you along the path to Self-Mastery and give you clarity and confidence in how to school your horse, break through barriers and take you and your horse to a whole new level.


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3 March, 2021

Hur Du Lär Dig Med Onlinekurser

What students say

What students say

"När man lärt sig kommunicera med hästen fri kan man aldrig göra på något annat sätt". "Inspirerande, revolutionerande!"


"Hi, I´m Anneli...

master in The Language of Horses - The Herd Rituals, founder of Truly Liberty Connection and Relationship based Art of Riding, a constant student to the horse, searcher for Centaur and dedicated coach to help you get the results you want!".

Anneli Westlund

Are You Ready For The Transformation?

Master Yourself - Master The Language Of Horses



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