"Through The Freedom And Respect We Give To The Horse It Creates A Leadership The Horse Is Drawn To" 



I grew up on my parents' breeding farm in southern Sweden. I have tried different disciplines from jumping to western riding, competed and ridden Lusitano stallions in Portugal. I have traveled the world and studied with masters in Horsemanship, Liberty and Academic / Classical Art of Riding.

I started my career as a horsemanship instructor 20 years ago but discovered "lightness" when I was educated in French classical dressage.

I developed The Art of Lightness™, to communicate with horses without traditional pressure-release methods /negative reinforcement. This was new thinking and non-existing in the modern horse world. However, in recent years, this concept has been followed by other trainers around the world. 

A few years later, in 2014, I learned a relationship-based communication in the United States, to communicate with horses at liberty from the beginning based on wild horses rituals and communication systems.

Over the years, I have developed my own way of schooling horses where the horse is started free in a completely relationship-based Horse Connection based on horses' freedom of choice, natural herd rituals and instincts - without traditional pressure-release methods and towards bitless balanced riding.


The relationship with the horse begins by building a deep connection and friendship. This is followed by trust, leadership, willingness, focus and the magical dance with horses, based on horses' freedom of choice and their own language - The Herd Rituals™.  

For most people, Liberty is just tricks and clicker training. But if I say that Liberty is actually the basic of everything you want to do with the horse, but in a completely different way, and leads all the way from Connection to Collection. It is both faster and more efficient than starting a horse with tack and traditional pressure-release methods.

By starting the horse free without tack (halter, rope, bridle, etc.) without consequences and bribes in an open space, it creates a leadership horses are drawn to and can develop beyond the imagination! 

When tack comes into the picture later, the horse does not feel trapped, manipulated or controlled because the foundation was made at Liberty.

The horse is introduced to tack in the form of lasso, cordeo and cavesson for education in the classical schools with The Art of Lightness™, In Hand in preparation for bitless balanced riding. We can develop self carriage, straightness and balance into a well-balanced riding horse for the horse's well-being. 

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